Shear Outback was officially opened on Australia Day, Saturday 26th January, 2002.

The official opening was carried out by Kay Hull, the Federal Member for Riverina.

There were an estimated 3,000 people in attendance for the opening ceremony.

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The official opening of Shear Outback took place on Saturday, 26th January 2002 following several years of toil by a band of dedicated and passionate local citizens.  The Federal Member for Riverina, Kay Hull officiated at the opening ceremony and opened her address with the following comment.

"Shear Outback is a magnificent example of how the people of Hay have chosen to enrich the lives

of  fellow Australians in celebrating our shearers so as to ensure we never forget where our roots are."

During the week leading up to the official opening of Shear Outback, The Riverine Grazier carried a 20 page supplement in their weekly newspaper (23/1/02) as a free lift-out.  This supplement has been reproduced here with permission from The Riverine Grazier.  The transcription of the text contained in this 20 page supplement was undertaken by Mrs Donna Whitehead, and I wish to thank her for volunteering her time and skill to this task.



- Front Cover of 20 page supplement -



Extracts reproduced with permission from The Riverine Grazier