Shear Outback was officially opened on Australia Day, Saturday 26th January, 2002.

The official opening was carried out by Kay Hull, the Federal Member for Riverina.

There were an estimated 3,000 people in attendance for the opening ceremony.

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"We declare this masterpiece, Shear Outback, officially open."

(Kay Hull, Member for Riverina)



"Shearers and shearing have played an integral roll in the story of our nationhood.  They are part of the national folklore but remain largely unsung in the historical record."

(Prime Minister, John Howard)


We have made it.  To-morrow is day one for Shear Outback and the Australian Shearers' Hall of fame."

(Chairman, Rod McCully)


"Hay, I salute you."

(Former Deputy Prime Minister,

Tim Fischer)



"Nothing I say would express adequately our admiration and respect for Sara Hector (project director)."

(Rod McCully)

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Shear Outback project director, Sara Hector is congratulated by Mayor, Michael Rutledge on a magnificent and professional job - delivered on time and with style.

Sheep everywhere - the entertainment was original, unique and among the best seen on the Hay Plains.  Shear Symphony was directed by South West Arts CEO, Chris Pidd.

Behind the scenes and keeping a watchful eye on things --

 Shear Outback CEO, Austin Smith.

Completed, opened and launched - Shear Outback Board of Directors Chairman Rod McCully, Member for Riverina, Kay Hull, former Deputy PM Tim Fischer and former Member for Riverina, Noel Hicks.

A highlight of the evening was the arrival of the Australian flag by air.



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Extracts reproduced with permission from The Riverine Grazier